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How to deal with rebellious children

Kids nowadays are hard to handle. This is increasingly becoming the slogan of many moms in this era. It is disturbing yet we do not how to handle this issue! Well, we may have been some what a trouble kid ourselves. However, now that we are grown ups and see our kids behave in unruly manner, we do feel like rolling our sleeves and do something to get them straight!

In fact, you would have done somethings as well. You could have tried shouted at them, tried talking with them aimlessly, tried befriending their friends and even bribing them to keep you posted and some of you may even have resorted to caning. Caning is not a solution, let me remind you. So? What now? What can I do that will turn my child around and turn over a new leaf?

Well, in order for you to make any difference to your already rebellious child you need to start behaving like one. When you were a child, what mattered to you? What did you feel rebellious about? Whay did you feel so? Waht is happening in your house that you, as a child would not have accepted?

I mentioned a few things that you may have tried before and those few things have something in common; "tried." Well, trying is never good enough for your child. You have a precious little child and all you want to do is just try? No way! Explain!

Being a child means understanding what a child is thinking. Your child is not born rebellious. It is the circumstances and their daily interaction with you and others that make them so. It could be the problem at home. It could be the teacher at school. It could be the movie or song or practically anything. It could even be YOU!

Understanding the root problem is what you need to do. Do not try. Just do it. It will not be easy, let me warn you. However, there is a way out.

Stop saying "No." Stop rebutting everything your child says. It is usually the feeling that they are constraned that lead them to become rebellious. Positive talks have the power to stop rebels in its tracks.Start saying yes for a change. Start encouraging for a change.

Gradually you will see your child open up to you. Slowly you will see your child trusting you again.Eventually you will get your precious child back. God gave you this beautiful little thing for you to cherish and to bring them up to be capable and responsible beings. You can only do that through proper care and understanding.

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